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You Me At Six – o2 Academy Newcastle (Evening Chronicle)

You Me At Six are currently headlining a sellout UK-wide tour, and on Sunday night they exploded into life at the o2 Academy Newcastle. The burning hot, quick riffed rock track, Loverboy kicked off the night and the intensity did not let up for the rest of the show.

The energy of front man Josh Franceschi stood out during the high tempo tracks as energy poured from the stage and into the ecstatic crowd. Whilst having the stage presence to keep every eye on him during the more emotional and slow songs. Josh had the power to create a sincere emotional connection with a sea of thousands in the crowd. There were times when you could hear a pin drop as he sang soft and low to the lyrically beautiful, Crash, building up with slow powerful vocals to a spine-chilling crescendo.  Whilst on the other end of the scale, the entire academy almost took off during, Finders Keepers, with its dance inducing pulsing guitars and sing along chorus, which had everyone bouncing.

The Setlist found a middle ground between playing too little and too much of their latest album, Sinners Never Sleep. Supplementing it with the best of their first two albums. Some might have been disappointed with the lack of, Save It For The Bedroom, as its often seen as their signature track. Though it shows the strength of all their songs when I couldn’t think of one id have taken out of the show, for it to feature. It’s also obvious that the band are looking to move away from their more pop sounding roots, to a more rock sound. The heavier rock in room shaking show closer, Bite My Tongue, and track, Loverboy are examples this new direction, and were some of the high points of a great show.

They really are a talented band and it is clear to see they love their job. The smiles are spread across their faces from the first chord to the last, and they sound genuinely proud and thankful to the crowd for putting them in that position.

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Katy Perry – Metro Arena Newcastle (www.gigape.com)

Ive got a review and a bunch of exclusive katy perry photos up on www.gigape.com following her show at the Metro Radio Arena Newcastle, on the 3rd of April. Go across and have a look, as you wont see these photos anywhere else, except in my portfolio.


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James Blunt – Newcastle City Hall (Evening Chronicle)

James Blunt
James Blunt – Newcastle City Hall Review (Evening Chronicle)

James Blunt played to a sold out Newcastle City Hall on Friday night, on the most recent
date of his current World Tour, and left a lasting impression on everyone there. The diverse audience including people of every age, style and creed, brought together for one night.

The set opened with a stage full of musicians, but no James Blunt as the introduction rang around the venue. Shortly after it was joined by the sound of a wave of applause as the man himself entered from the back of the room and moved through the crowd itself. He hit the stage just as the vocals began, and the crowd went wild.

His vocals were record perfect throughout the night and it’s clear he has perfect control over every note he sings. His unique style and tone allow him to convey genuine pathos during his more emotional songs. Then he has the energy needed to pull off his high tempo numbers, with a rhythm which bounces through your bones and takes hold of your feet, if your not up and dancing you’ll be tapping your toes.

In some circles it seems to be un-cool to like James Blunt, it could be his portrayed poshness or unusual speaking voice, either way it’s a shame. The man is one of our countries most talented artists and has produced quality songs, which are, loved the world over. Fans were treated to songs from his newest album, as well as his best-known hits from the albums Back to Bedlam and All The Lost Souls. It wont come as a surprise that i would choose Your Beautiful as the song of night, but when a tune unites the crowd in such a way, it is hard to look beyond it.

His music is melodic, thoughtful and beautifully crafted. The raw emotion which
he poured into the performance of Goodbye My Lover, resonated in the room with
anyone who had ever suffered a broken heart.

His encore was just a continuation of what was a quality night, leaving the hit 1973 until last, meaning every word was harmonised by the crowd. By the end of the song Blunt was riding his piano like a surfboard. Absurd and amazing, the man is the perfect live performer, and the smile across his face was testament to his genuine appreciation as he left the stage to a well-deserved standing ovation.


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Shakin’ Stevens – Journal Tyne Theatre (Evening Chronicle)

18 Feb, 2011

It’s been Thirty years since Shakin’ Stevens first UK Hit Hotdog, and his subsequent hits made him a household name during the 80s. His 30th anniversary tour, which celebrates that breakthrough UK single, brought him to the gorgeous Journal Tyne Theatre.

The Welsh star was accompanied by a ten-piece band and the wall of sound, which they produced, was as smooth as silk and was amplified by the stunning theatre’s superb acoustics. Allowing every part of you to be enveloped by the complex arrangements, whilst always adding to the most important element, Shakys vocals. What i found impressive was that this was not just a set consisting of live versions of recorded songs. Care has been taken to produce a spectacle and live experience, which adds new levels to his classic hits.

As Stevens has a new album in the works, new songs were being given their first airing, and they went down a storm, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the set. The new tunes show that as he matures he isn’t going to be straying far from his tried and tested formula. Meaning it isn’t likely the album will be surging up the charts and he isn’t going to be winning any prizes for innovation. Though, who would want, to when creating such feel-good tunes seems to come so easy to the man? All of his hits were present and Green Door and This Ole House were particularly well received.

If there were one negative, which i picked up on, it would be his interaction with the crowd. Its not to say he wasn’t charming, but they are fanatics and most will have followed him throughout his thirty-year career, and you could probably fit his conversational interaction with them in a twitter update.

The Journal Tyne Theatre is an all seating venue and Shakin’ Stevens songs are dance inducing up-tempo numbers. So as the show continued and the energy in the room increased the crowd fed offShakys high-energy performance. A few people began standing up in the aisles and dancing at their seats, then as he lead into Hotdog and it hit its chorus, the room hit fever pitch. People danced down to the front of the room, and created a makeshift standing area at the front, around 200 people were at the edge of the stage, and every single other person in the crowd was standing dancing at their seat. The atmosphere was electric, and the impromptu situation we were left in seemed like the perfect end to a quality show.

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Gavin Webster – Journal Tyne Theatre (Evening Chronicle)

Mar 7, 2011

HE’S one of our foremost local comedians done good, yet this  was Gavin Webster’s first headline, full performance at the Journal Tyne Theatre  in Newcastle.

Looking at Gavin, you may have some preconceived ideas about the sort of  comedian he is as he stumbles on to the stage with pint in hand, and some of  them would be right. He can be foulmouthed, but he is also intelligent, witty and incredibly  funny.

As he admits himself, he isn’t one for observational humour. Instead, scattered ramblings leading to funny stories and cracking one – liners comprise most of his show. A few musical interludes serve to break up the action, always adding rather  than detracting from the energy in the room. It is an hour and a half of laugh-out- loud live comedy at its best.

The  funniest segment of the night is based around his run-in with a Cockney and  their description of how Newcastle was created. His retort is comedy gold, showcasing his intelligence through a quickfire  thousand-year history of the city, before lashing out with his own concise idea  of London’s creation.

The show fits perfectly here in Newcastle and the in-jokes and regional  humour will hit home with every local in the crowd. It just wouldn’t work the  same way anywhere else in the UK and it is comedy through experience of living  rather than research, which adds honesty to its appeal. I laughed constantly throughout the show and I kept thinking of that old line  “It’s funny because it’s true” and this really was.

Geordie through-and-through, he is genuinely appreciative for every round of  applause he gets.  There is a great rapport between him and the crowd as he converses freely  with people throughout the audience and draws laughs every time as he quips  about their towns.  His website describes this event as a one-night tour for 2011, so it might be  a while before you see him again in Newcastle.

When he does make it back here, make sure you go see him. You won’t regret  it. He is a highly talented comedic craftsman.

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