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Alistair Griffin – Just Drive: Single Review (Evening Chronicle)

Just Drive is the newest single by singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin. F1 fans may already be aware of the song, as it was used during the montage of highlights of the 2010 season. If not, this tune is definitely one I would recommend to fans of Take That’s newest tracks. Alistair has that same upbeat style, which always seems to building up to a crescendo. Before letting the melody take back over and sink back down. If it were written by the Take That’s boys I would be predicted a number one. As it is, I’d definitely be more reserved, but It’s a wonderfully crafted song, and certainly one to look out for.


The Good Lovelies – Let The Rain Fall: Album Review (Evening Chronicle)

Canadian Country Trio The Good Lovelies have been around since 2006 and their newest album is Let The Rain Fall. So what are they like? Well, they are definitely different. They would certainly have no competitors in the genre they seem to have crafted for themselves. It’s just all a little too dated. That’s not to say it isn’t an enjoyable listen. As the girls have a beautiful tone to their voices and during the harmonies it can be truly spine-tingling. Best I Know is the pick of the bunch as it is just their voices cutting through a simple background and works well.

Zac Brown Band – You Get What You Give: Album Review (Evening Chronicle)

You Get What You Give is the latest album by American country ensemble Zac Brown Band. With it, what they have created is an upbeat foray into the ole American staple.Whilst many of the tracks are nothing new, and follow the same old mid tempo formulas that American country singers have been following for 30 years, there are some tracks with a little more to them.  As She’s Walking Away, is a well written emotional story-led track which ebbs and flows with a real passion. Whilst the up-tempo Whiskey’s Gone has a toe tapping rhythm and hoothat stays with you.

Asa – Dreamer Girl: Single Review (Evening Chronicle)

Dreamer Girl is the latest single to be released from Asa’s album Beautiful Imperfection.  It’s a swaying pop track which is a combination of soft spoken lyrics and bouncing upbeat sections that set your feet to a tapping beat whilst the warmth within it surrounds you. It has the feel of an African inspired alternative to Katie Melua’s style. There is a little more bounce, and flair whilst always staying easy-listening.

WU LYF – Go tell fire to the mountains; Album Review (Evening Chronicle)

Go Tell Fire to the Mountain is the debut album by Wu Lfy, and boy is it an enigma. A beautiful score runs throughout the album, with unending depth of percussion providing the base and soft chimes and slow eerie organs rhythmically adding their textures. It sounds nothing like anything else which is out at the moment. Focused on combining the music and echoed minimalist vocals, the tempo and positioning of the various elements is dependent on the emotion of the particular song.  Such a sad puppy as a track isn’t main stream enough to feature in the charts, but as a piece of music, and art, is truly beautiful.

A selection of photos from The Isle Of Wight Festival 2011

I was lucky enough to photograph the Isle Of Wight Festival this year for the Photo Agency MusicPicsUk, you can find them here: Highlights included the likes of Kasabian, Kasier Chiefs, Pulp and Alexandra Burke.

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