Hugh Cornwell – Gateshead Sage (Evening Chronicle)

FORMERLY of punk band The Stranglers, Cornwell has been a solo artist for  over 20 years, releasing several albums. His show was split into three parts,  opening with Hugh and his band playing through all the tracks of landmark album  Guilty.

There was then a short set by special guests The Brothers From Brazil. The  night was closed by Hugh and the band, this time playing through the best of The  Stranglers back catalogue.

The reason for playing Guilty in its entirety was purely for his long-term  faithful fans. They had been requesting it for a while, so he obliged.  Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit was one of the best songs from the album, an  up-tempo rhythmic rock track which resonated throughout the intimate room, while  Hot Head, which followed, was a different sort of track – a swaying melodic tune  which flowed softly.

Disappointingly, the song which gained the greatest success for The  Stranglers, Golden Brown, didn’t feature. Hugh explained that the encore songs  for the tour were chosen by online fans.


One thought on “Hugh Cornwell – Gateshead Sage (Evening Chronicle)

  1. Dave Townsend says:

    i was there!!! he whas class!!

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