Wheatus – The Jupiter EP Review

Wheatus are a band which seem to be defined by that one song. You know the one im talking about. It’s in your head right now. Your humming along. ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ is probably the main reason most of you are even reading this review. But they have much more to offer than that little ditty.

Their interesting and enterprising idea for their newest EP’s is that they are to be up for download on their official website. The Pop, Songs & Death collection of EP’s will be released over the next few months and years, with no specific price point. They are ‘Pay what you want’ or ‘Pay what they’re worth’ and if you’re so inclined, you could even download them for free. That is £0. A bargain.

The most recent release is Pop, Songs & Death: Vol. 2 – The Jupiter EP. A collection of 6 songs which turns out to be incredibly well crafted and beautifully put together. It’s not castoffs and snippets which they havent seen fit to be released on other albums. They are all beautifully harmonic and toe-tap inducing bits of magic. They are epic in scale, with not one of the tracks coming in at below six minutes in length, and every second is put to good use and the tracks are as varied as they are complex. ‘The Story Of The Eggs’ is gentle considered number which builds up from a soft beginning, rising through the keys before hitting a quality crescendo before lulling you back down again. Whereas ‘Dream About The Devil’ encorporates a country-style swing, without ever losing the Wheatus vibe. It has a rise and fall which rolls like a wave that continues throughout, even as the final verse comes in and the tempo increases, as the country swagger is traded for a poppunk tempered verse.

Get yourselves over to http://wheatus.com/j_download_mp3_frameset.html and get them downloaded. You wont regret it.

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One thought on “Wheatus – The Jupiter EP Review

  1. Ross says:

    Now go download Teenage Dirtbag and get them back in the charts!!!

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