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Registration for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend now open

This years BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend is set to take place on the 14th and 15th May, in Carlisle. The Foo Fighters are headling the main stage on the Saturday night, and are accompanied by the Black Eyed Peas, Tinie Tempah and Plan B as well as many others. The Sunday night sees Lady Gaga take the headliner slot, followed by My Chemical Romance, Bruno Mars and The Script.

The full weekend line up is as follows;

Go to to register for free tickets. You have to be over 16 to apply and can only apply to one of the two days so you’ll have to make a choice of which bands you want to see. People who live closer to the event are more likely to win a ticket but even so, last year 1/2 Million people applied for 20,000 pairs of tickets, so your not guaranteed a ticket in any case. Good luck.

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Paramore – Bonus acoustic track

Paramore have released an acoustic version of their track ‘Looking up’ from the album Brand New Eyes. As a reward to their fans, after they hit 200,000 members on their site.

Spirits seem high in the band which suffered a hard summer following two of its members leaving. Though rumours of a full band break up were proved to be false, and they are currently hard at work writing and recording a new album.

Hayleys vocals are record-perfect and this clear lite version brings the lyrics of the song to the forefront, whilst keeping its upbeat tempo.

The video is recorded at their Nashville recording space, check it out below.

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James Blunt – Newcastle City Hall (Evening Chronicle)

James Blunt
James Blunt – Newcastle City Hall Review (Evening Chronicle)

James Blunt played to a sold out Newcastle City Hall on Friday night, on the most recent
date of his current World Tour, and left a lasting impression on everyone there. The diverse audience including people of every age, style and creed, brought together for one night.

The set opened with a stage full of musicians, but no James Blunt as the introduction rang around the venue. Shortly after it was joined by the sound of a wave of applause as the man himself entered from the back of the room and moved through the crowd itself. He hit the stage just as the vocals began, and the crowd went wild.

His vocals were record perfect throughout the night and it’s clear he has perfect control over every note he sings. His unique style and tone allow him to convey genuine pathos during his more emotional songs. Then he has the energy needed to pull off his high tempo numbers, with a rhythm which bounces through your bones and takes hold of your feet, if your not up and dancing you’ll be tapping your toes.

In some circles it seems to be un-cool to like James Blunt, it could be his portrayed poshness or unusual speaking voice, either way it’s a shame. The man is one of our countries most talented artists and has produced quality songs, which are, loved the world over. Fans were treated to songs from his newest album, as well as his best-known hits from the albums Back to Bedlam and All The Lost Souls. It wont come as a surprise that i would choose Your Beautiful as the song of night, but when a tune unites the crowd in such a way, it is hard to look beyond it.

His music is melodic, thoughtful and beautifully crafted. The raw emotion which
he poured into the performance of Goodbye My Lover, resonated in the room with
anyone who had ever suffered a broken heart.

His encore was just a continuation of what was a quality night, leaving the hit 1973 until last, meaning every word was harmonised by the crowd. By the end of the song Blunt was riding his piano like a surfboard. Absurd and amazing, the man is the perfect live performer, and the smile across his face was testament to his genuine appreciation as he left the stage to a well-deserved standing ovation.

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Jennifer Aniston goes viral?

Smartwater have went out of their way to try and create the perfect Viral ad. Since being uploaded to Youtube on 7 March, its had 8.5Million views so its going pretty well. From a thousand andrex puppies, to a talking parrot ‘Rachel i love your hair’ it also has dancing babies and a micky take of the internet sensation ‘Double Rainbow’ before closing on Jennifer sexily drinking the water itself to a Baker Street soundtrack. Its the only water ad ive ever watched more than once, and i actually laughed out loud so it must be working pretty well.

Have a looksee below;


What do you think? Are they trying too hard?

Let the world know, in the comments below.

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Free Frank Turner track ‘I Am Disappeared’

Frank Turners new album ‘England Keep My Bones’ is due out on the 6th of June, following a UK tour which starts on May 9th in Stockton’s ARC. The all-round nice guy has battled with his record label, and managed to get one of the tracks leaked early.

He commented “I’ve been champing at the bit to get new material out there. I hate waiting and I’m really excited about it, so i managed to wheedle my label into giving me permission to leak one track, ‘I am Disappeared’, one of my favourites and one that people have been enjoying live. It’s a song about Bob Dylan. It’s a representative of the album as one song could be, though the whole thing is pretty sprawling musically! Now to resist leaking the rest of the songs”

The track is available on to download. Quick quick! Get to

Follow the man himself at

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The Man And The Donkey – The Customs House, South Shields (Evening Chronicle)

If you were to visit the war memorial museum in Australia, you would come across the statue of South Shields man John Simpson-Kirkpatrick and a donkey. The events that transpired which lead to the man being honoured in such a way are laid out in this tail, which was making its world premier.

Writer, Valerie Laws and Director, Jackie Fielding have created a play, which allows for the history and its characters to shine through, without forgetting that it must be entertaining at the same time. What results from this is the accurate telling of the story of an honest young man, caught up in circumstances which would change the course of his life forever, as it is quickly forced out of his control. From the beaches of South Shields to the trenches, serving as a stretcher-bearer in the Australian army, his ingenuity saved hundreds of lives. Listing the services of a donkey, he puts his own life in danger, carrying wounded soldiers with no thought of his own safety.

The atmosphere of each location visited is distinct despite using the same set. This is achieved through clever use of lighting and music, which draws you towards the characters themselves. Even the parts of scenes without dialogue manage to engage the audience, small touches such as the slow sound of the tide breaking against the bow of the ship, emphasise the drama through the silence of the actors.

Laugh out loud moments and in-jokes for sand dancers are numerous, and allow a slight distraction from the harsh realities of war, without ever becoming farcical. A lot of credit needs to be paid to Alison McGowan who created the donkey. Its puppetry, through subtle touches and movements give it a more realistic feel than you would think, which is important as he is such an integral character within the play.

The portrayal of the protagonist by Jamie Brown is both charming and accomplished, each line he delivers comes across as believable. He is served well by veteran actor Russell Floyd, who plays his commanding officer, as well as voicing numerous historical figures, as the wider story is unfolded. Their two styles complimenting each other well. Though the whole cast seem to fit together nicely, and the play is well acted throughout.

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